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Hi Everyone



As you may know, we have finally managed to get planning permission for Dylans Extension. So we now how the very challenging task of raising some £48,000.

We have managed to find a website that you can use as a search engine same as "google". But each time you use it to search DylansTrust will receive 0.33p , yeh a third of a pence. I know it's small but it all counts.

Also if you register and then use the link to buy things online from places like Amazon, Comet etc then some of the price will be given to DylansTrust. I think between 5-15%. so if you can it would be really appreciated. It's the link below :






We also have been able to set up a website that will accept donations for anyone doing sponsorship for Dylan or any one just wanting to donate. It costs Dylans Trust 5%. it's the link below.


Please help to"Raise the Roof" Goto






However if you want to donate without it costing us 5% then use the "donate" button below ....









Thanks for your continued support.


Dylan , Shel and Warren


Thank you very much, for all of your interest in the DylansTrust T shirts.

I can now confirm that we managed to secure a good price on them. A minimum donation of just £8.75, for Children (Sml) and £9.75 for Adults (M/L/XL)

If you would like it be the proud owner of  1 (or more), then just drop us an email, with the size & quantity. We will then email you back with minimum donation figure and expected delivery date.

Childrens T shirt (Front)T Shirt (rear of)

Childrens Tee Shirt

Adults Tee Shirt

Adult Front T ShirtChildrens T Shirt (rear of)



Do you know that each and everytime you use the cashpoints at Tesco, they give money to MDC. This is a free and easy way for you to donate. It costs you nothing. Tesco are kindly donating money on EACH withdrawal that you make. Please can we ask that if you need cash and are able to get to a Tesco ATM that you withdraw your money from there. That way you can be taking money out and putting money IN at the same time. (IN to the donation pot) As Tesco are donating each time you make a withdrawal, I would imagine that if you wanted to increase the amount that is being donated you could always withdraw your money at £10 per time. {cheeky i know , but it is for a good cause :-) } As you can see below, you don't even need to withdraw money, just check your balance onscreen or ask for a mini statment

If you click on the logo above it will take you to the Tesco website, with all the information and it tells you how much has been raised by the cashpoints so far

Working together with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Tesco aim to help increase the independence of hundreds of children with muscular dystrophy in every community of the UK, and you can help too - just by using cash machines at Tesco.

Tesco will donate money to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign for each and every time you:

  • Withdraw cash - remember, we do the donating, not a penny of it comes from your account
  • Check your balance on screen
  • Request a mini-statement
  • Top-up a mobile phone
  • Change your PIN

This raised over £65,000 for MDC alone.


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