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xmas with dylanDylan the dogDylan at Xmas 2005


Look at Our New T Shirts, Modelled by Miss Hurst & Mrs Wilkes.

Dylan Taking Rooney for a bath, He got dirty @ Standley Head with Yr 6

Rooney on the Merry go Round @ Gullivers Kingdom,

Dylan & Rooney

Rooney Dancing

Dylan, Jared, Rooney & Some Pig from Gullivers Kingdom

On the Log Flume !

Dylan just had pre med for Op

Coming round after the Op

Starting to feel better now, (feed Me please)

Rooney sporting his new blue jacket, (Just like Dylans)

There is a tummy in there some where

Tummy hole "Taped up"

Rooney's Adventures with Dylan


More photos coming soon

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Dylan, Dexter, Shel and Warren




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