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Massive, massive  Thanks to People who've supported us, so Far

HBL Associates


 CE Brickwork

Nixon Concrete Services


Jonathan @ Emerys 

Cheshire Concrete Products


Truss Form (Midlands)

Warren Insulation

Direct Commercial Flooring

Lathams Timber

Keystone Lintels


 EuroCarpets of Fenton





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We will keep you informed of the progress.

We will keep you informed of Who people have helped, Who has generously donated Materials, Time or Services

Plans Drawn up (Over the last 2 1/2 years, with Planning consultations and DFG consultations)

Final Plans Submitted - Waiting Approval

Plans Approved

Building regs Applied for

Building Regs Approved, pending Steel Calcs

Now to Find a Builder and to Find the small matter of the money

Ian Titley at HBL Associates has kindly donated some of is time to do the Steel Calcs and provide us with the detail

After many different quotes from different builders we have now secured a Builder "Chris" from CE Brickwork, Longton. We are looking forward to working together.

Work has started and we are underway

We have worked all over Christmas and managed to sort out the drain divert

We also managed to finally dig out the Footings and the Inspector is coming 02/01/13 to inspect

Hopefully we can secure Very good price from MinCrete for the concrete and the pump. So we can get the footings in by close of play 03/01/13

Our Bulding Inspector came promptly on the 2nd and unfortunaley it looks like the footings are now on a raft. The original footings are 900mm with 300mm of concrete. (normally the basis for Srip foundations)

We called out Ian from HBL to discuss the footings and the possibilties of a Raft. Ian came out very swiftly, infact he called round the same day. He told us to investigate.

We did some further investigations and unluckily for us, it has been confirmed that we are on a very unusual raft. Never before have the team seen a raft of that construction.

We asked Ian to create the design and specification of the raft. Again credit to Ian, he pulled it together in less than 24 hours. We presented it to Andy Moran (building inspector) and he agreed for it to proceed.

So we now had to sort out all of the Steels, Z bars and spacers. Thanks to Adrian Nixon of Nixon Concrete Services for his help & support.

We to wait for the bars to be made and shaped as per the design schedule. (it took a couple of days

As part of the design we had to fill in the footings with Hardcore, we were able to do this in readiness for the bars.

Steel cut and we erected the bars, in readiness for the 1st stage of concrete pumping.

Minicrete came with their new pump, that made light work of the job. (at a cost). So we now have concrete toe in, with a bit of luck we will be laying the block and engineering brick tomorrow.

Where has this frost come from ? Chris can't put a brick down in this weather. ! It never got above 1C all day. Hopefully we can start tomorrow.

No, not a chance. The fluffly white stuff has descended on us..

Well its been over 10 days since we poured the toe, but not been able to lay a brick... Its frustrating, knowing that time is against us. We have to complegte by 4th May 2013.

The snow has given chance to look to the future, looking at what we need to get in the interim.

Jonathan @ EmerysStoke on Trent has been a STAR. He has taken on board the full spirt of the trust and has been furiously ringing round.

He has managed to secure the most of the blocks that are needed for Dylans Storage space. They have been donated by Cheshire Concrete Products. Thank You.  But we have made a snowman !



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